Saturday, October 25, 2008


I decided that I would share the highlights of this past week and a half.

1. Banana republic had a huge sale last Wednesday. Almost everything in the store was 30% off and if you brought in an old sweater for their sweater drive you got an additional 30% off. I got a really cute black sweater and a pair of brown pants for such a deal!

2. The zoo had a spooktacular event this weekend that we went. I really love zoos and was excited to get to see the Jacksonville one. It was PACKED with tons of kids in costumes, but I was loving every minute of it.

3. Cole Haan had a grand opening party last Thursday that half of my office went to. It was such a production...they had paparazzi people, hors d'oeuvres, and my manager won a free $500 purse...the whole store was so excited for her!

4. Chipotle is opening on Friday and last night was free burrito day so we all went to have free dinner!

5. Finally Al comes on Friday and I cannot wait!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am sad to say that one of my favorite shows is over and never coming back to bravo...however I did hear rumors that project runway is moving to lifetime so hopefully it will be back next season. As I promised, here are my thoughts on the season.
I used to like her at the beginning of the season, but then she turned extremely rude. Her collection reminded me a lot of the 80s, however I did really love her wedding dress and the other outfit below. Overall the collection was my least favorite, but the two outfits below were my favorite individual outfits of the season.

I originally wanted Leanne to win but towards then end I really wanted Korto to win b/c I feel that she would benefit most from the win. I loved her collection...especially all of the colors that she included. My favorite dress was definitely the finale dress (the green one below)...I just thought it was so creative!

Throughout the season I thought that Leanna was the most consistent and I liked her designs the most. I thought her collection was very unique and really liked the wave inspiration. I only wished that she would have used a tiny bit more color but I am really glad that she won! I loved her wedding dress and really loved that it had pockets!

I loved this season (just like I loved all the other project runway seasons) and cannot wait for the next one...assuming that it does move to lifetime. And if you want, let me know your thoughts on the collections too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love today!

Today at work was so much fun! First, we had two people come to our office from Canada. They are really fun and it is nice to have new people in the office, especially since most of the old people are out in different territories. And because they started in the US today, they gave us all an hour to hang out with the Canadians and eat a big breakfast (however I was a little disappointed b/c usually when we get breakfast they give us panera but today we just got aramark...def not nearly as good)

Also at work all of our managers were gone so we spent a good majority of the day roaming from cube to cube just chatting...I love to be non productive some days!

Finally, tonight is PROJECT RUNWAY FINALE! I am extremely excited about this! Look forward to a post with my opinion on the collections :).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The fam came to visit!

This past weekend my family (minus mikey) came to visit. It was soo good to see them. I hadn't seen them in in over 3 months which is the longest we have ever been apart. We did a lot of stuff in 3 days but I loved every minute of it.

Here are some of the highlights:
-Al and I went Parasailing! For me this was a pretty big deal but I was so glad I did it. We did it on the Atlantic Ocean, so there were a lot of waves. On ride out there it was so bumpy that there was a time when I thought that it was possible the I could have fallen out of the boat (that part of the trip was not quite as fun). But once we got out deep enough to go into the air I loved it! (i also got a new camera so i will post pics soon)
-We went to my 2 favorite italian restaurants and some other great seafood restaurants, which as most of you know makes me very excited b/c I love food!
-Dad and Al played on the beach while me and mom went into the cute shops. I love beach shops...they have such cute stuff!
-We went to St. Augustine (which I have been there once before when Ash came and it was pretty sketchy) but this time we found the nice area and went to aeven more cute shops. This weekend was filled with a lot of shopping.

It was great weekend! I love hanging out with the fam!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Art Walk

Tonight me and some of the girls from work went to an art walk. We just found out about it, but apparently Jacksonville has it every month. There was a ton of people at the art walk...i loved it! Jacksonville just moved up a notch in my mind after tonight. There were so many cool buildings filled with a bunch of art and it was just so much fun to walk around and see everything.

There also were some cute little stands with jewelry at them and I got some really cute earrings for only $7 (my earring collection is growing very slowly but surely). To end the night we went to a place voted "best burritos in Jacksonville". They were pretty good but Qdoba is def still my fave.

In honor of the art walk I have included some of my favorite paintings:

On another fam comes tomorrow! I am SO excited to see them!