Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beach Weekend!

This weekend the weather was PERFECT! It was 75 degrees with a light breeze, so we decided that we should go to the beach most of the day Saturday. I put sunscreen on before we left, but because the weather was so perfect I did not think about putting more sunscreen on....big mistake! I currently resemble a lobster and feel like heat is radiating off of my body. I guess I learned my lesson and will know better next time.

Today all the girls from my office went to brunch after church. We went to this cute place on the beach and all sat outside in the wonderful weather. I ate way too much, but the food was just so delicious!

There also was a music festival by the beach this weekend. It was the best people watching I have seen in a while. There was an old couple who had this choreographed dance to every song and we watched them for a while, and next to them was another old lady who was dancing like she was the only one there...we were loving it!

We have decided that we are going to be at the beach a lot the next couple of weekends before it gets too hot...I love visitors too, so if you would like a beach vaca come on out to jax :)