Thursday, August 28, 2008

It is here!

Today after work I walked to my mailbox and was pleased to find a brown package coming with a Baylor return address on it and it was....MY SING DVD! I went straight to my couch and watched almost the entire thing. I love sing and will prob watch the video many more times :) That just made my night!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Monday...

I must admit that Monday is prob my least fave day of the week. But today, I get to fly to Colorado so it makes it much better. We are having a national sales mtg so I am going to get to meet all of the reps from around the country. It should be fun!

On another note, I survived Fay. My apt did get a little bit of water walls have water stains on them but they are fixing it this week so that should be good. We went shopping this weekend and a lot of the stores had leaks too. The good news was that we got out of work early on Tues and all had one big game day, i loved it!

Finally...Ash comes of Friday and possibly Alli too! I am SOO excited!

Well I am off to the airport...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay Fay Go Away

So I am currently in the middle of tropical storm Fay. It is raining like crazy here and the sky looks like night time all throughout the day. My desk is by a window so my cube was very dark today. Tomorrow is the day it is supposed to get the worse for Jacksonville, so hopefully everything will be good and we can still have power. But, if the power goes out I am prepared.

Here is how I have prepared for Fay:
-Bought water and snapple
-bought self open spaghettios that am prepared to eat cold if i have to :)
-figured out who has which board games in my apt complex and set a meeting place to have game day!
I am hoping work will be canceled tomorrow...I mean if the city is canceling school surely we should get a day off too!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

So this weekend was Celina and Tommy's wedding. I cannot believe they are finally married! I feel like we were just helping Tommy plan the engagement and now the wedding is over...crazy!

I LOVED getting to see all the roomies and the tri. I have missed everyone so much, and the timing could not have been better...I needed a trip back to Texas.

Here are some highlights of the weekend:
-Singing in the car to hello goodbye ALL weekend (ps i am now obsessed with that song)
-Being back at Baylor...I miss that place
-Dancing to Hey Jude
-Seeing Tommy and Celina for the first time as The Byrds!

I could not have asked for a better weekend!

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Summer Obsession

As many of you know I have been obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance for the past few summers, including this one. So...this post will be on my thoughts of the season :)

First, I was a little disappointed with the winner. I did really like Joshua, but I LOVED Twitch and also really liked Katie to I was hoping one of them would be chosen before Joshua.

Also, I think America did a pretty bad job on voting multiple times:
ex: Kherrington voted off before Comfort ?!?! (what were people thinking)
ex 2: Will voted off before Mark...again I don't know what happened here

Here were my favorite dances of the season:
1. Bleeding Love- Chelsea and Mark
2. Mercy- Twitch and Katie
3. The group hip hop dance by Shane Sparks
4. I really liked the dance last night when past sytycd dancers all danced together!

Finally, a note about the choreographers:
-I LOVED Tabitha and Napoleon and all of their dances. I was really glad they came to the show
-I really miss Wade and Shane Sparks. They were my 2 faves and neither of them were big this season
-The girl with the mohawk was creepy...although I did really like her most recent dance.

So those are my thoughts until next year....I am already getting excited for season 5!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life in a hotel

Sunday night I checked into the hilton literally 5 mins from my house and I get to stay here for the next two weeks (crazy...but i am racking up the hotel points). We are going through training primary sales school which basically I learn even more about the eye, our products, and how to talk to doctors.

Here I some things I have loved so far:
-I got to put in a ton of contacts today which was cool (actually someone else put them in for me b/c I could not do it myself)
-we get to eat amazing meals every night that we don't have to pay for ourselves
-doctors have come to chat with us and have helped me learn a ton of cool stuff (i have kinda become obsessed with the eye which is really nerdy, i know)
-there is a really interesting boy in my class that never allows for a dull moment...ask me in person and i have numerous stories already

That is about all work wise but I wanted to thank everyone for all your sweet birthday messages! You guys are great and made my day amazing!