Saturday, February 21, 2009

So long, Farwell...

This week at work has been a little sad because half of the office is moving and going to their permanent territories. I am excited for all of the them because they are getting promoted, but do not love that the office is much quieter.
My cube friend, Eric, who used to sit across from me is leaving so now I have to look at an empty cube for a little bit. But in a couple of month 12 more people will come in and the office will be back to it's normal self. For now I am going to enjoy the office while it is a little bit calmer.
I guess I am just going to have to convince my work friends to all get blogs so I can keep up with them on a regular basis :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Caved

I have some free time on my hands and I have been tagged a ton of times on fb, so I finally decided to cave and to tell you all 25 random things about me. Here we go...

1. I love coke. Every day at work I have a coke and carmel rice cakes at exactly 10am. The people around me always know when 10 rolls around when they hear the pop of the coke can is like clockwork.

2. Reality TV is my favorite. Some of my faves include: So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, Amazing Race, Top Chef, The City, and the list goes on...

3. I am a VIP Hilton Honors member. This sounds more important than it really is. I have had to travel a lot for work lately, but the perks equal a ton on Hilton points.

4. I love to negotiate. This is one of the reasons I think sales is such a great job for me. I get great joy in haggeling prices and getting a deal (which btw, you can negotiate and get more Hilton points...that is how I got VIP status :)

5. Most of my groups of friends have some sort of name. Examples include: Core Four, Tri, Half House.

6. I pick out all my clothes for the week on Sunday. I have to iron a bunch for work and got tired of ironing every night, so now I just do it all at once on Sunday. It makes life much easier.

7. Sometimes I talk out loud what I am typing. I don't even realize I am doing it. Sometimes people at work think I am crazy b/c it seems as though I am talking to myself, but they have gotten used to it :)

8. I love playing cards. Everytime I go home I always play gin with my dad and have finally gotten good enough to beat him! I also love poker (even though I am awful at it).

9. Sandwiches are my favorite lunch food. Every day for lunch for the past coupld of years I eat a turkey sandwich with colby jack cheese and 7 grain honey wheat is delicious!

10. I am not very decisive. When choosing which college I would go to, I had deposits and both Baylor and A&M, and didn't decide on Baylor until May of my senior year (I am VERY pleased with my decision)

11. My sense of direction is not the best. I finally got a gps for Christmas and it is definitely one of the best/most needed gifts that I have ever gotten.

12. I made Mrs. Adams quit National Honor Society. Not really, but I did turn in my group's adopt a family gifts a day late and she yelled at me and said that she was quitting NHS, then that year she did. That is the only time I ever remember a teacher yelling at me.

13. I used to want to be a teacher when I grew up. I still think that I could be a teacher in a couple of years, but I like sales too much to change careers right now.

14. Even though I wanted to be a teacher I think that I was meant to be in sales. When I was little I used to set up a table and put all of my stuff that I didn't want anymore and used to sell it to my brother...I guess I started early.

15. I had the same birthday as my first dog. His name was Casey and he lived to be 17...I loved that dog but love my current dogs just as much! I want to get a dog of my own but travel too much to have one right now.

16. I love living in Florida but my heart will always be in Texas. Hopefully I will be back to the lone star state very soon!

17. Disney World is one of my favorite places in the world. My family has a bit of an obsession with this far I have been 3 times in the past year...definitely one of the perks of living in Florida!

18. Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. In high school, Ash and I would go almost every weekend and we would get there early enough to sit in the middle seats in the middle of the theatre (middle middle as we like to call it). We are pretty much professional movie goers.

19. I am a very picky eater. Almost everything I eat is plain. I don't really like condiments (except butter which I love) but I think that makes things simple.

20. I don't wear contacts but I talk about them all day. I did try them on however so I could feel which ones are the best. Someone else did have to put them in for me b/c my eyes just couldn't stay open long enough for me to get it in.

21.I love my car. Ever since I was 13 I wanted a bug (I even used to have a poster hanging in my room...sad, I know).

22. I am a terrible singer...but have accepted that and continue to sing a lot anyways :)

23. I have a star named after me. My grandma bought a star for all the grandkids and I even have a certificate to prove it!

24. I love to the office. At work we have office quotes posted outside of our cubes. I think this show is genious!

25. I have the best family and friends ever!

It's Fun To Stay at the YMCA

I finally did it...I joined a gym! Most of you know that working out is probably at the bottom of my list in terms of things that I want to do, but I finally just sucked it up and joined. I sit at my desk all day so I just feel like I need to move around a little more so working out is now is on my schedule of things to do.

The wonderful thing about the gym I joined is that they have a TON of classes and I have already recruited people to go with me. I am most excited about Cardio dance and Zumba (also a dance-ish class). I think this could possibly even be fun, but I will let you know after I go through the classes.

The second great thing about this gym is that it used to be are really fancy private workout place/spa, but it was a little too high end and went out of business not too long after they opened. So the really fancy gym donated the building and all the fancy equipment to the YMCA and now we get to use everything but only have to pay for the YMCA.

Working I come!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meetings Galore

The past 4 days I have been at our national meeting for work. I love having all of the sales reps in the country in one place b/c everyone is so nice and super chatty. The down fall to these things is that we literally go from meeting to meeting to meeting all day every day.

Every year we have a big awards banquet which people tend to get real into. But the best part is afterwards they created a "club vistakon". I personally think the company was trying a little to hard to be cool b/c when we walked in there was a ton of multicolored flashing lights everywhere. I was dying laughing the instant I walked in but loved how all othe older reps we impressed with "club scene".

I do really love all the people I work with and this week made me love them all even more!

Friday, February 6, 2009


The past month of work has stretched me more that I ever thought it would in such a short amount of time. There has been SO much stuff happening in the past few weeks and so many emotions around the office that it was kind of overwhelming to for me.

In the past 48 hours I have felt relieved, happy, upset, hesitant, weary, valued, and many other things that I didn't think was possible to feel all at the same time. All that being said, I have never been so happy to be back in Florida and sitting in my cube talking to my favorite doctors :)