Thursday, March 26, 2009


I realize that I have been such a slacker on my blog, so here is an update of what I have been doing the past few weeks:

Last week I went on family vaca to Veil/Beaver Creek, Colorado.

This was only my second time to go skiing and I still am not very good at all. I did only fall twice, but I spent all of my time on either the bunny or green slopes. My favorite area was called the buckaroo express. It was a wide open area with nothing to worry about hitting...myself along with the millions of ski school kids hung around this run :)

This past week was the last week of the quarter at work so everyone was a little hectic. But, because we were so busy my manager gave us treats throughout the week. My faves include cami cakes (the BEST cupcakes I have ever had in my life) and lots of ice cream!

Right now I am on my way to New Orleans for work. I have never been there so I am very excited....actually, I am mostly excited for the wonderful food!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Waco Weekend!

Last weekend I finally got to go back to Baylor for one of my favorite things ever...SING!!! It was SO much fun seeing all my roomies (minus Dez) and MKAKA (minus Kat). I have missed everyone sooo much and am so glad we all got to hang out. Next time we will all be together A Whit will be married!

When we were in Waco I got to go to a lot of my old favorite places:
-La Fiesta (i have really been craving mexican food b/c it is just not the same in Florida)
-Cafe Capp
-attempted to go to common grounds
After being back at Waco I realized that I really do love that city.

Now for my thoughts on SING:
My favorite act was Pi Phi's which was a monsters theme. I thought it was so clever, loved all the songs, and just thought it was really creative. I was SHOCKED that they didn't even make pigskin...I mean their dancing was a little sloppy but other than that I have no clue why they didn't make it.

I also really liked K Sig (but I always love them), ATO, Kappa (even thought no one agrees with me), Sing Alliance, and KOT. I was so happy that Sing Alliance got 3rd place and thought they really deserved it! I also am so happy that Phi Chi finally was not in pigskin!.

Overall I had a FABULOUS weekend (minus slight plane problems) and cannot wait to come back to Texas again very soon!