Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have been waiting all summer for the office to come back, so this past Thursday was the highlight of my week! It was just as good as I had hoped for. However, I was a little shocked the Jim proposed to Pam already. I def thought that we would have to wait until the end of the season for that to happen.
In light of the show starting I will share some of my own "office" moment. Too bad I don't have a Dwight in my office, but every once in a while random things will happen. For example:

-Sometimes I will be sitting in my cube and randomly someone will decide to throw over a foam football. Then for the next 5 minutes we see who else we can scare by tossing the football into their cube.

-Last week, I was talking to a doctor when all of the sudden bubbles filled my cube. Someone had brought in bubble and went around blowing them in our cubes to brighten every one's day. It def worked, but got me a little distracted since I focused on popping the bubbles rather than the convo with the doc.

-My fave moment by far in my office was this:
In our office to get to the bathroom you half to walk past a row of cube with IT people in it (or at least I think they do IT, not really sure). So there are a few cubes who have this giant piece of foam board covering the entrance to their cube. I thought that someone had but the foam board there b/c there was no one in the cubes, but the other day when I walked past, all of the sudden the foam board shifted and out came a person. I then figured out that they had created "doors" for their cubes. I am not quite sure why I found this SO funny, but it took everything in my to hold in my laughter when that man popped out.

So there you have it. I love my office and the Scranton office too!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Greatest Place on Earth!

This past weekend I went to visit Al in Orlando and we got to Disney World! Many of you know I have a slight obsession with this place, so needless to say I had a fabulous time!

I got to hang out with Al, which was wonderful ,and got meet all of her friends. It was fun to finally get to meet all of the people she had been telling me about.

We got to go to both the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Hollywood studios just opened up a new ride, Toy Story Mania, which I was obsessed with. Toy Story is my fave disney movie and this ride was pretty amazing so it was a great combo.
Also, it was the only ride we had to wait for. I have never walked straight onto so many rides in my life...i loved it!

Finally, Saturday was Disney's 60th anniversary of having fireworks, so there was a huge fireworks show. I was very impressed with the amount of fireworks they shot off. At one point the sky got so smokey that it was hard to see the fireworks.

This weekend was great! I wish every weekend could be just like it. Hope you all have a fabulous week :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


so i know i have been slacking on the blog so here is a quick update of my life...

- basically my days consist of chatting with doctors all day. i have a lot of accounts in arkansas and i LOVE talking to them. most of the doctors there are old men who love to chat about life, their practice, retirement, and really anything else they can think of...i really enjoy them :)
-i found a good "young professional" bible study that i have been going to. it has been great to meet some new people through that.
-i finally went to the movies on sunday. i had not been since i first moved here and most of you know that i usually do not go that long in between movies. we saw the women which was really cute, and kind of different b/c there is not one boy in the entire movie.
-i got a call this weekend from this sweet old lady who hung out with me and my fam in the airport when i moved to jacksonville. she was calling to make sure my fam was okay and didn't get destroyed by ike (which btw they are good, we just had some trees fall down in the back yard and no power for a while). i just thought that was so nice that she called! and she is going to cook me dinner when her kitchen remodel is refinished...which is perfect for me b/c i love old people!
-finally this weekend i am going to DISNEY WORLD to see al! i am SOO excited!

that is about all for me. hope all is well with everyone!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Love Labor Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

I am loving having a 3 day weekend. Ash came to visit me which was wonderful! We did a lot of shopping, watched a ton of movies and just lounged around. It was great to see her! As I was dropping her off at the airport I realized the next time I see her she will be getting married...crazy!

Random event of the weekend...we went to this city about 30 mins away called St. Augustine which I had heard that it had a bunch of cute shops in it. Once we got there we quickly went to the wrong area first and ended up in a bunch of random pirate shops complete with a man holding a snake walking down the street (pretty sketch). We then found a "map and guide" with cartoon drawing of it that lead us to the outlets and it was all uphill from there. Overall I had a fabulous weekend with the bff!