Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodbye Bug

I recently sold my bug right before I moved to Atlanta and I really miss that car. I loved the flowers in the flower pot, the plastic microphone that I kept in the glove box, and how I was SO easy to drive. Goodbye bug, I will miss you.

And now say hello to my new company car, a Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Image the car about but in a beautiful shade of light blue...the same shade of blue that you see on cars that old people drive. So we now refer to my new car as the "blue beauty." I do love having a company car because it means no more paying for gas, oil changes. car problems, etc., but there are some things that I am going to have to get used to. For example, the blue beauty starts and stops with the push of a button. Since I have had the car I have gotten out of my car with my keys and tried to lock the car, only to find out that I forgot to push the button to turn off the car. Then did the exact same thing more different times...I guess it will just take a while for me to get used to :)


Learning to Live said...

I am personally dying to see blue beauty... i think the button start/stop is supposed to make life easier, not harder :)
ps- you are doing so good with the blog updates, i am impressed!

thefirstchild said...

Hiya, so sorry to hear you had to say goodbye to your bug. I have an old golf that is near to 190000 miles but I'm determined to hang on in there with it and I definately will not be scrapping it for a newer model. But on the other hand I would probably love to be offered a shiny new company car. When one door closes another opens!
By the way, you know that you can have a flower in the company car if you wanted because they have these car vases now. Here's a link if you need...www.fluffyautoboutique.co.uk